Shattered Islands: Level Generator

by Connie


This thing will generate a new, basic level every time you select it. DISCLAIMER: Keep in mind the fact that your FPS might take a deep dive if the level is too big. DISCLAIMER 2: If you record this level, your .rrec will only work properly as long as you play it while you have the level selected with the same generation.


Modification: Platinum
Game type: Singleplayer
Gem count: 0
Has Easter Egg: No


Based on H.E.N.R.Y. A.I. but definitely less chaotic! This is a level generation tool that was built entirely in the .mis file of the level you're downloading, as a "trigger". There may or may not be some bugs present, and your FPS might take a deep dive if the level generated is too long, but it should work! Have fun! :3

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