Community Group Level Pack


Created this pack on Jul 20, 2023


All of the official community group levels in one pack (except for CGL 6 since that hasn't been found yet).

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Included levels (10)

The Community's Group Level I
Luca, Andrew Sears, Tristan Dragon, Beau, Whirligig, Bobby, Andrew Paterson, and Matan.
The Ascension
Technostick, Andrew Sears, Perishingflames, Darkness Shadow, Ian, Phil, ShadowMarble, Xelna, Oaky
Our Second Community Group Level
Leader: Tech Geek
Interdimensional Rifts
Marble Theme Park
Ross, Ian, ,Pablo, Turbo4000,Moshe, Matan
Community Group Level Seven
Ian, Turbo4000, Andrew, Brixar, and Phil
Community Group Level 8 - Master of Friction
Phil, Andrew, Ian, Matan, PF, and Sonic
The Golf Course
Andrew, Buzzmusic100, Gerson (NaCl586), Hi Guy, Marble2, Matan, Mr. E, Nihahhat, RDs. Empire and Technostar.
CGL 10: Building It Up
The Community
CGL 11 - Old School
The Community